Massage for Couples


On this tab we’ll explain what options are open to couples who want to book in together. Please make sure to take on board the important note at the end.

Some couples want exactly what’s on the tin, ie a good, relaxing massage. Whilst other couples are perhaps looking for a more sensual or romantic angle to their massage experience. We are able to provide services for each scenario within certain boundaries.

Swedish or Aromatherapy Massage. Couples booking for this type of massage can choose either the conventional approach, ie with underwear left on and draped with towels, or the naturist approach, ie be totally naked, whether draped or undraped. The massages will take place in separate rooms, but at the same time. Limited floor space prevents us from being able to provide both massages in the same room, so Val will perform one massage in one room, whilst Bri performs the other in a different room

Tantric Massage. With this type of massage couples can choose to be massaged together in the same room, although the option to be massaged in separate rooms is also available. This is a very sensual type of massage, with both therapists and clients naked. Couples who want to know more or want to book this type of massage must first request our information sheet which will be sent by email. If you are unable to provide an email address then we cannot proceed. The information sheet will not be sent via text message.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE. We are not here for the personal amusement of pretenders. We are genuine massage therapists and we see genuine couples. Due to the unacceptably high number of time-wasting phony enquiries we get from male fantasists and dreamers, we request that any enquiry made by a male is confirmed by telephone call by their female partner before we get too involved in answering specific questions or booking anyone in. A text or email from a female partner will not suffice; we need a phone call to confirm that your enquiry is genuine. Same sex couples will also be asked to contact us by phone at some point during the enquiry process.


Conventional Swedish Massage 60 mins  £80

Naturist Swedish Massage 60 mins  £90

Tantric Massage 60 mins  £100

Tantric Massage 90 mins  £140