Naturist Massage


Occasionally we get requests for naturist massage. This is where the client prefers to be fully naked without the restrictive feel of clothing. Clients can also choose whether to be draped in towels for comfort and warmth, or remain completely undraped (the room will be warm enough in either case).
We are happy to provide naturist massage for:

  • Existing clients we have come to know and trust.
  • New clients who present themselves as clean and make no alternative assumptions about this type of massage.
  • Members of the organisation "British Naturism".

    One hour full body massage for £35


A naturist full body massage perform by both Val and Bri together. A very different and sensuous experience. Lasts about 45 mins and costs £40

Four-handed massage is usually only available on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.


Available for both individuals and couples. This is a slow, close contact and sensual massage that induces relaxation, comfort and deep breathing. Clients are encouraged to try and expand their awareness of various types of physical touch all over their body and be more open to embracing and feeling comfortable with their sensual selves. This requires a relaxed and inquisitive mindset that is able to be less bashful and more open to sensual experience. In this respect we regard and treat tantric massage as holistic and therapeutic, and more than just a pampering session. Tantric massage is for clients who wish to reconnect with their sensual self, or gain a better understanding of how they experience their own sense of touch and sensuality.. 

Individuals, 1-2-1,  £50 for one hour, or £75 for an hour and a half.

Couples, with both Bri and Val, £90 for one hour, £135 for an hour and a half

Four-handed (for individuals) £80 for one hour, £120 for an hour and a half.

We have a separate information sheet giving more information on tantric massage and it is a requirement that clients read and understand it before we book you in and the session takes place. This can be emailed to you on request. You can also message us with any subsequent enquiries.

Please note Tantric massage is usually only available on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.