Aromatherapy Massage

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This type of massage is very similar to Swedish massage in its delivery. The main difference is in the use of essential oils in order to produce a certain effect. This may be to alleviate headaches, tension or stress, or soothe aching muscles. It should be noted, though, that massage is complementary and does not substitute a doctors advice or medical requirement.

The client is consulted to find out what their particular wants or needs are, and a blend of oils will be used to suit that purpose. Clients will be fully involved in choosing the oils to ensure that the aroma provides a pleasant experience.

You can choose a full body massage lasting about 60-70mins, or just have your back done lasting about 25mins.

For full body massage you will remove all your clothing apart from your lower underwear. Towels will be used for warmth, comfort and to preserve modesty. For a back-only massage only the top half need be removed.

Aromatherapy Massage is provided by Val.

Full Body Massage £40

Back only massage £20 


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